Japanese fishing net on 4191 kHz

Every now and then I stumble upon this Japanese net, in CW, always on 4191 kHz (zero beat frequency). The c/s are usually the same, JQMY, JHQY, JHWF, JINZ, JIQA etc. There is little traffic, and it is full of japanese characters, I presume. I am still to take the time and patience to translate all CW special characters into "kana" codes, and then into English or Portuguese.

The log-in session can be found here: Audio_Clip (mp3). Shortly I will be uploading a traffic session audio clip.

Example of the traffic:

TTNM6 ON IFIFSN DE JQMY (--.--) 9T -.-.. K5IF4/2I N
DE JEIEES III (--.--) 7TBIF 1(...-.)
DE JHWF QT5 T(-.-..)D2 (...-.)
DE JISZ G(---.) M6 5BIF 1(...-.)
DE JHIY 87 TT(--.--)9 (-.-..) C2S
DE JIQE (--.--)7 5(----) BIF 2S
V MS (--.-.)

1 kHz below another station transmitted the following:

NR33 (.-.-..)38 NR 1(-..---)A(.-.-.) V(-.--.) BT A(-.-.-) ... WNN...

In parenthesis: maybe prosign/special characters, maybe kana sign.

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