Search & Rescue Flight 447 (Air France 447)

The following vessels are taking part in the SAR op:

Frigate F42 "Constituição"
Patrol Ship P40 "Grajaú"
Corvette V19 "Caboclo"

Also, REOMARINHA (Navy) is active on 12207 kHz USB.

The FAB (Brazilian Air Force) is also present:

2 X C-130 Hercules (FAB2474 and 2475)
1 P-95 Bandeirulha (FAB7100)
1 SC-95B Bandeirante (FAB6545)
1 SC-105 Amazonas (FAB2810)
1 H-60L Black Hawk (FAB8906)

The following freqs have been very busy (ALE/USB):

7929 kHz USB
8834 kHz USB
9010 kHz USB
13260 kHz USB